the estateMENFI

The RAVIDA estate is ideally located to the West of Menfi and overlooking the pristine Mediterranean sea.

The estate is a sanctuary for wildlife where native flora grow in harmony with our olive trees.

We aim to preserve both the ecological and cultural heritage of the land, farming using sustainable, traditional techniques.

With olive groves in such diverse land our olive oil is as natural and rich in flavour as could be.


the olive oilBLEND

Staying true to the heritage of the land, RAVIDA olive oil is pressed from three native Sicilian varieties:

Biancolilla with its delicate aroma, Nocellara del Belice with its fruity olives, and Cerasuola with its fragrant full-bodied oil.


This distinctive natural blend develops into an elegant grassy oil with hints of lemon zest, tomato skin and a distinctive peppery aftertaste.

With its clean finish, it has been described as ‘my desert island oil’, ‘the Rolls Royce of olive oils’, ‘one of the best in the world’.